Solange Knowles Criticized By Whites After SNL Performances

Following Solange Knowles’ wonderful performances on SNL, some white viewers took to twitter to condemn the performances.

Over the weekend, Solange Knowles made her first appearance on “Saturday Night Live” and performed two songs from her new album A Seat At The Table. Her performances prompted an outrage from white viewers as they posted distasteful comments on Twitter because she simply celebrated her Blackness. We have got more details on this from the following reliable sources:

Color Lines

The final “Saturday Night Live” (“SNL”) episode before the general election started with Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon breaking their presidential candidates characters to plea for unity and advocate for viewers to vote. But two days later, we’re most clearly remembering not the November 5 opening sketch, but musical guest Solange Knowles‘ two uplifting performances.

The younger Knowles sister offered the season’s best musical performances so far with renditions of “Cranes in the Sky” and “Don’t Touch My Hair,” the two tracks off her new album “A Seat at the Table” that also have music videos. Solange and her backing band donned all-white outfits while performing nuanced choreography for both tracks. British singer and songwriter Sampha joined Solange on stage for his guest vocals on “Don’t Touch My Hair.” See more

Atlanta Black Star

After Solange Knowles celebrated her Blackness during her performances on “Saturday Night Live” last weekend, white Twitter users trashed it.

Donning a stunning white jumpsuit, Solange Knowles performed “Cranes in the Sky” and “Don’t Touch My Hair.” Both tracks provide commentary on being Black with the latter commanding pride in wearing natural hair. Solange sparkled in a braided halo and accompanying crystal-beaded outerwear over a white two piece for “Cranes.” Then, she proudly showed off her voluminous tresses for “Hair.”

Mom Tina Knowles-Lawson and superstar sister Beyoncé also attended the show to shower Solange with support. At one point, the duo picked her up, maintaining a long-standing family tradition. “I’m 30 years old!” Solange says in a video that captured the moment, but her protest didn’t seem to matter.

“She’s still our baby,” Mama Tina wrote in the caption. “We have been picking her up like this since she was 10 yrs old.”

But many white viewers did not enjoy the singer’s SNL debut.

As Solange performed “Don’t Touch My Hair” TJ Ross stated she should tell her sister Beyoncé “not to wear ours.”

But Chasity had an informative response, noting the hair used for sew-in weaves is not from white women.

The onslaught of outrage should come as no surprise. Solange’s older sister Beyoncé faced racist backlash after performing at the Country Music Association Awards last week. Among other things, conservative white viewers deemed Bey a police hating anti-American. The backlash seemed to lead to the CMA removing all mentions of Beyoncé on their website and social media accounts. However, the organization denied the accusation. Read more

The performances by Solange Knowles were absolutely tremendous, that some white racists couldn’t hide their hatred. They just had to spew some hate. It’s easy, if you are irritated by someone celebrating his/her Blackness, then look away. Anyway the people of the Black community applaud their sister. We appreciate the way she shows respect to Black culture and we are always ready to stand with the one who dares openly demonstrate love to all sides of the Black identity.

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