Clinton Campaign: She Should Have Said “YO MAMA”

Wikileaks has exposed tactics of the Clinton campaign as it made available an email conversation between the campaign team.

 Hillary’s deceptive plots to win the love of Black people in America just to gain power are gradually being brought to light. It seems the former first lady of the United States’s desperation to attain the seat of the presidency will push her to employ all means possible. A Wikileaks publication discloses an email chat between the director of the Clinton campaign team and some other executives. From the conversation, it is clear that the director wanted Hillary to say “Yo Mama” during a campaign tour to a historically Black college, Alabama. Explore the details of the story below:


According to one of the hacked emails released by WikiLeaks, the Clinton campaign wisely nixed a plan for the candidate to joke about “yo mama” during a primary speech at a historically black college.

In a February 26 email chain, members of Clinton’s staff tinkered with remarks the Democratic candidate was set to deliver in Birmingham ahead of the Alabama Democratic primary. Luckily for Clinton and unluckily for political satirists everywhere, Clinton aide Amanda Renteria had one objection.

The only public event Clinton held during her trip to Birmingham was a get-out-the-vote event at historically black Miles College. Video of the event shows that in the end, there were no “yo mama” remarks. See more.


As her team rushed to revise remarks for a February 27 speech at Miles College, Amanda Renteria wrote to her colleagues the day before: “Is everyone comfortable w her saying ‘Yo Mama’?”

No – pls let’s revise,” senior policy advisor Maya Harris wrote back.

Clinton went on to deliver remarks to a “roaring crowd” at Miles College, according to the Associated Press, without the the “yo mama.”

In April, Clinton went on a New York City radio show called “The Breakfast Club,” where black hosts asked her what she always carried in her purse:

When asked what item she always carried with her, she replied, “Hot sauce.”

You getting in Formation right now?” asked one of the amazed hosts, citing the lyrics of the Beyoncé song about keeping hot sauce in her bag. He suggested African-Americans would likely see her comment as “pandering to black people.”

O.K… Is it workin’?” she replied, laughing.

Clinton has taken heat for her clumsy pandering to black voters.

“I’m surprised she didn’t say watermelon — just go all the way in,” said Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke after the “hot sauce” episode. “This stuff is dehumanizing. It’s embarrassing. It’s disgusting. And if any other candidate were to say something like that, some stereotype about black people, it would derail their campaign.”

The leaked email is a part of a series of releases from Wikileaks regarding the Clinton campaign. See more.

Hillary’s eagerness to win the power at  any cost is being manifested by her every action. Though the pretence tactics she is deploying to amass the votes of Black people aren’t going to work. Someone who once humiliated and incarcerated Black people suddenly thinks she can win the love of these same people by trying to adopt their kind of language. We aren’t that dumb! We can clearly read between the lines and know what is good for us. The entire Clinton campaign is an attempt to deceive us. Even if she had said “Yo Mama,” it would have only attracted laughter from the crowd and wouldn’t have changed their opinion about her personality. Black people of America have learnt their lessons.  If Hillary was honestly interested in the welfare of Black Americans, why didn’t she prove that when she had the power to do so? This is no game! “Yo Mama” would have changed nothing.

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