Racism In Schools: Teacher Suspended For Racist Comments

Parents are calling on the authorities of Lawrence Public Schools, Kansas, to fire one of its teachers for encouraging racism in schools.

As efforts are being made to totally eliminate racial segregation in our societies, the irresponsible actions of some individuals are further aggravating the already complicated situation. Racism in schools can be counted as one of the worst practices we are facing in this country. A South Middle School teacher is currently facing suspension for telling a 6th-grade class that whites are superior to Blacks. The baseless statement has generated a lot of concerns from Black parents. We are bringing you facts and developments of the story from the following sources:


(KSHB / CNN Newsource) – A teacher in Kansas was suspended after several parents complained the teacher made racist comments to a 6th grade class.

Monique Richardson told KSHB what her son claims the teacher said. “That whites are more superior than blacks and that because of the color of our skin. We’ll never make the amount of money that other races make.”

Richardson was upset by the alleged comments and complained to the school district. She was not alone. Several other parents say their children heard the same thing, including Chitama Chitama’s two children.

“You don’t need to say something or shut up or those kind of things. He make the kids feel like they were not treated fairly.” Read more.


Several parents told 41 Action News that the teacher is a 6th grade social studies instructor, and at least half a dozen of them complained to the school about the racist comments.

Despite many parents telling 41 Action News the name of the teacher, the news outlet is choosing not to release the teacher’s identity without confirmation from Lawrence Public Schools.

We jumped straight into action,” explained Monique Richardson, whose son goes to the school. “That’s just what we did. We went straight into action.”

Richardson said she, along with half a dozen other parents, went to South Middle School this week to complain about the comments.

As the teacher continues to serve a suspension, Richardson wondered what the instructor was trying to teach the young children.

“I’m upset,” she said. “I want to know what his angle is. What is his reasoning for saying this? To teach our children that another race is superior is basically telling our children that they should give up.”

Other parents who spoke to 41 Action News said their children reported previous incidents involving the teacher.

Chitama Chitama, who immigrated from Tanzania and moved to Lawrence, said his two sons had the teacher for social studies at South Middle School.

The children would often come home and tell Chitama that they felt like they were being targeted in class because of their skin color.

Most of the time, they were complaining about how he does not like black folks,” said Chitama. “He would say to them, ‘You don’t need to say something,’ or ‘Shut up,’ or those kind of things. He made the kids feel like they were not treated fairly.”

When news of the teacher’s suspension came out this week, Chitama said one of his sons rushed downstairs to tell him.

My son was like, ‘Dad, I told you! I keep telling you about this guy’,” he said.

With the teacher still suspended, Richardson said she hoped the school district would eventually fire the man.

“[The students] shouldn’t feel uncomfortable and feel like they got to walk on egg shells because of what a teacher thinks about them,” she explained.

Richardson said she and other parents plan to attend the next Lawrence Board of Education meeting to call on leaders to fire the teacher.

The meeting is being held on Monday, October 24, from 7 – 8 p.m.

The location of the meeting has not yet been determined. Read more.

Such incidents might be the reason racism has stayed with us for such a long time. When our children are supposed to be educated and thought the right things, some racist teachers choose to pass on to them their selfish and diabolic believe in white supremacy. These same children are the ones that grow up and occupy different positions in the community including the positions of police officers.  They only act in accordance with what they were forced to believe when they were pupils. Racism in schools is destructive. It is just like setting a nation into self-obliteration hence, it should be punishable by law. There should be stiffer rules which will deter people from getting involved in such doubtful practices. This teacher doesn’t deserve to go back to the classroom. He himself needs to be educated.


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