911 Footage Reveals Six Officers Handled Reginald Thomas

In spite of the release of the 911 footage, aggrieved community members continue to protest since the footage doesn’t provide enough facts surrounding the incident.

Another Black man was killed by police after a distress call was made by a family member, calling for help. Reginald Thomas, a father of eight, met his untimely death on Friday morning while in police custody.

According to the police, two calls were placed to 911 reporting a domestic disturbance, The Los Angeles Times reports. Thomas’ brother told the police when he called that, Thomas had a knife in his possession but hadn’t threatened anyone in the house.

According to Captain Steve Katz, six officers arrived at the scene and saw Thomas with a knife. Moreover, the video released only shows the police move towards the door but whatever happened next wasn’t very clear.

Police authorities had also said that Thomas refused to comply so he was tasered twice. But at the moment when the handcuffs were being placed on his hands, the officers realized he was in distress and tried to help him.

Some time after he had been taken into custody, the police called on The Pasadena Fire Department upon realizing that Thomas wasn’t breathing.  According to the spokesperson for the police, the fire department of Pasadena was called at about 3 a.m. But by the time the members of the fire service arrived, Reginald Thomas had died.

Protesters still continued their demonstration on Sunday, as they are determined to seek justice for Thomas’ family.

It is a pity how cops turn every encounter with a Black person into a fatal one. It seems they are ever ready, seeking an opportunity to execute Black people.  No wonder we have lost confidence in the entire police system and the calling of emergency number; 911. This is a clear manifestation of hatred against Black people.

Source: The Root
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