Video Shows Cops Shoot Mentally Ill Man 18 Times

“One could easily say this is an execution because they were not being attacked,” Burris, Family Attorney for the deceased.

Another Black man joins the police ‘execution list’ as cops will never cease taking Black lives. The victim, who is identified as Joseph Mann, is described as a peaceful young man, who has had no records of violence in the vicinity.

Joseph Mann, 50, used to work for the Department of Corrections until he had a mental breakdown in 2011 after the death of his mother. Since then, this mentally ill man has peacefully lived on the streets of Sacramento — until last month when he was shot 18 times and killed as he fled from police.

A wrongful death suit has been filed by the family of the deceased against the Sacramento police. But surprisingly the police have narrated a totally different story about the murder of Mann.

Luckily a recorded phone video on that fateful day has refuted claims and narrations by the police that Joseph Mann was armed with a knife and a gun. That is a blatant lie as no gun was found at the scene of the incidence. Well, the video speaks for itself and tells how incredibly well the police Department can fabricate lies to cover up their irresponsibility and total negligence.

As to the evidence the video brings out, it is a dangerous path the police has taken. They now shoot their vulnerable innocent victims in the back. What is it, cowardice or lack of professionalism?

Honestly, the “back-shooting” position of the victim is a proof of a wrongdoing. A man, who is facedown or is running away, cannot be a deadly threat in any way possible. Just like Joseph Mann, many other Blacks have been killed in the same position proving the helplessness of the victim, yet the police will tell a completely different story.

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