Substantial Evidence In Ramarley Graham’s Shooting Released

Newly released crime scene footage shows the aftermath of Ramarly Graham’s shooting.

Security footage of the aftermath of Ramarley Graham’s deadly shooting has been released this week. The video footage shows the resulting actions of the officers and paramedics at the crime scene after the incident which happened on February 2, 2012.

The substantial evidence shows Graham strapped to a board while being taken out of his house and then transferred to a stretcher. At some point in the video a paramedic covered the victim’s face with a sheet and after a very short moment took it off.

The release of the video footage has brought about complaints from Graham’s family, as it shows that the report filed after the incident contained completely false statements. The video directly contradicts police report of Graham’s time of death. The city stated that Graham died at the hospital but, the video footage shows that the victim was already dead when he was placed on the stretcher.

“We know for a fact he died in the house,” said Graham’s mother, Constance Malcolm, 44, a nurse’s assistant. “Why did they throw a sheet over him, and then peel it back? Because there were a lot of people watching, and they wanted to make it seem like he was still alive.”
“They disturbed the crime scene,” she said. “It was important to know how the body was positioned, and they could have lost other evidence that was needed.”

Graham was shot in the bathroom of his home in Bronx borough, New York, by NYPD officer Richard Haste. Haste claimed that he shot the victim after he tried to reach for a gun in his waistband. There weren’t any witnesses to confirm the officer’s claims.

The officer was charged with manslaughter by a grand jury and found guilty only for the conviction to be thrown out by a judge. The charges were dropped and the second jury refused to indict the officer again. However, the New York Police Department recently stated that Officer Richard Haste, who killed Graham, is going to face a trial for his actions in this case.

If you watch the video carefully you will see the police officers acting like a gang hurrying to dispose of some dead body. The recent shootings of Blacks show that it’s neither their first time nor their last time to do so. What protection can we expect from them, if so?

Source: The Grio
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