Alleged Police Abuse In California: Another Black Man Dead

A Black man died in a confrontation with Sheriff Deputies in Pasadena under unclear circumstances. Police abuse alleged.

In a country with sane law enforcement officials, it’s really difficult to imagine being scared of calling for help from police officers. But that’s the predicament we find ourselves in at this moment. Too many police brutality cases have recently become public and there is no doubt that Black people are beginning to think twice before calling the police for help.

In this case, a Black man mysteriously died in his home after a violent conflict with sheriff deputies in Pasadena, California. The victim’s identity hasn’t been disclosed as of now. The incident began after the victim’s wife Shaine Lindsay called the police for help. She reported that the father of her children, who is bi-polar, was being erratic and was holding a knife and a fire extinguisher.

Lindsay said that when the officers arrived, they used a stun gun on the victim twice. The Black man dropped the fire extinguisher before a scuffle followed with the officers kicking and allegedly using batons to subdue him. The victim went into distress after he was handcuffed. The officers tried to resuscitate him but he lost his life at the scene.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Capt. Steve Katz has quashed the witness’ reports that the man was beaten with batons. Kats said that the officers used their stun guns and then switched to physical force in an attempt to subdue the deceased.

Kats stated that the officers responded to a disturbance report at 2 a.m. and another call shortly after, reporting that the Black man was carrying a knife, a fire extinguisher and possibly was under the influence of drugs.

If people could trust the law enforcement, this case would be just a story of a struggle which requires thorough investigation. But in a country where the number of police brutality cases is scary, where officers are not trained to work with mentally disabled people, and where Blacks die every other day, the situation looks more than worrying. Many of our readers have no doubt that the Black man was violently killed. When will police officers start receiving adequate training on how to subdue mentally unstable people, who are being erratic? Or maybe they just don’t care; once it’s a Black person involved, they proceed to use all sorts of force to subdue the person. Another Black man has died at the hands of police officers and we expect justice, as the Los Angeles County homicide detectives investigate the case.

We still hope California police investigators will help to reveal the truth.

Source: abcNews


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