Where is Justice for Ramarley Graham – Bronx teen gunned down by NYPD?

Why does it take too long for white cops to face the law and be brought to justice? Who will deal with the “guardians” of the law when they fall short of it?

Young and unarmed Ramarley Graham was on February 2, 2012, chased into his Bronx home and shot to death. This cruel act of Racial Brutality by NYPD officer Richard Haste has gone unpunished.

It’s been four years since the murder of Graham and surprisingly Haste is still not fired. Moreover, he has received his pay raises.

We demand justice for Ramarley! We demand an explanation, as to why Haste is free and isn’t in jail. Moreover the white cop has never commented on that terrible incident.

Earlier this year, $3.9 million have been awarded to the late Graham’s family. Precluding the NYPD from publicly defending Haste’s actions in court.

Except for justice, nothing can console Ramarley’s family for their loss.

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