Implicit Racism In The Media Coverage Of Mustafa Bearfield’s Death

After the Black teen was shot white media supporting institutionalized racism began to criminalize Mustafa accusing him of trying to break into a delivery truck.

Organized groups in Huntsville, Alabama are currently pushing for justice for a Black teen who was murdered in cold blood by a racist vigilante. 16-year-old Mustafa Bearfield Jr., an African-American native of Huntsville, AL, died a few meters from his school; he was shot by Jonathan Scott.

Scott, a white vigilante pointed a gun at the Black teen on his way to school, threatening to shoot him for no apparent reason. Sensing danger, Mustafa took to his heels trying to prevent any atrocity. But the determined racist murderer was keen to accomplish his evil ambition so he chased the Black teen, shooting him several times.

The Black teen died after several bullets penetrated the back of his head. Scott also endangered the lives of other students who were arriving at school at the same time.

After the incident, Scott was arrested by the police and charged with manslaughter. But the racism in the media has prevented the citizens from getting to know the truth. White press  quickly fabricated a fable to criminalize Mustafa. They purported lies, saying that the Black had raided a delivery truck.

The cock and bull story was quickly rubbished by a group known as the International People’s democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM). In a statement, the group wrote, “You cannot put a dead child on trial.”

Scoot was released on a $20,000 bond this week and has since returned to his job as a salesman. Meanwhile, a funeral was held for the departed Black teen, which was attended by the members of the InPDUM.

The InPDUM in consultation with the family and friends of Mustafa set up an action group known as the Justice for Mustafa Committee (JMC). The committee discussed a number of things they will be embarking on, such as the reparations to the family of Mustafa, possible indictment of Scott, transparent investigation, and their control of the police.

On the other hand, the group has come under state attacks, as the police, representing modern racism at its worst,  are using various means to end their activities. Earlier, there was an order from the office of the police chief directing the local Boys and Girls club not to permit the InPDUM group  hold meetings in their facility.

Prior to the preliminary hearing for Scott in the Mustafa Bearfield case, the Justice for Mustafa group staged a protest and held a press conference to further push their call for a fair trial.

The group recorded its initial success as the lawyer for Scott relinquished the right to the preliminary hearing.  The group has promised not to relent on its efforts but to continue to fight for justice.

What happened is purely a hate crime! Scott must  face the law. The only thing that could motivate a fully grown vigilante to chase and shoot a Black teen who was unarmed is  individual racism. Though the problem is not just in Scott and his beliefs, there is the society, which let him become what he became and there is also the country in which he was released on bond with what he did.

Source: The Burning Spear
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