El Cajon Killer Cop Known For Intimidation And Stalking

One of the Officers responsible for the killing of Alfred Olango, a Black man who exhibited signs of mental illness has been identified as Richard Gonsalves.

21-year-old Richard Gonsalves was identified by Mayor Bill Wells as one of the police officers who killed the Ugandan refugee, Alfred Olango.

Meanwhile, a search into his background revealed that he is an intimidator and a stalker. This behavior led to his demotion from a sergeant to an officer somewhere last year.

In 2015, a lawsuit was filed against Gonsalves for sexually harassing a female officer, Christine Greer and further intimidating her. According to Greer, Gonsalves’ constant stalking and sexual advances aggravated to the point where he sent her a picture of his manhood.

Greer wasn’t the only one who was terrorized by the killer cop. Other female officers also reported similar incidents when Gonsalves subjected them to sexual harassment at work.

After the investigations into the allegation ascertained the fact that Gonsalves actually committed the act, he was only demoted. Several calls from the public for his dismissal from police fell on deaf ears as Douglas Williford, the City Manager, refused to kick Gonsalves out of the service.

Alfred Okwera Olango was shot dead after officers suspected him of possessing a weapon. But it was later discovered by the police that, the mentally ill Black man was unarmed and what he was holding was a vape smoking device, Times reports.

Olango’s sister had called for help after she noticed that her brother wasn’t acting normally but as a result of that her poor brother became one more victim of police abuse. In a video, the astonished and aggrieved Black lady was heard saying, “I called for help! I didn’t call you guys to kill him!”

With tears in her eyes as she watched the lifeless body of her brother whom she wanted to help lie in the street, she asked the police, “Don’t you guys have a crisis communication team to deal with the mentally sick?”

I think this situation in fact involved two mentally ill persons. The records from the past prove that Officer Gonsalves might also need psychiatric attention because the revelations made about him can’t be the attributes of a sound person. Undiscovered mental illness can actually be the reason for so many Black victims of police brutality but then the system of  evaluation of cops requires immediate review – God only knows how many armed madmen in uniform we have on the streets.

Source: The Free Thought Project
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