Cops Abusing Power Get Suspended In Houston

2 transit cops abusing power face suspension for beating a Black man with a baton.

Two officers of the metro police, J. Warren and D. Reynoso have been suspended from duty, as they await further disciplinary action. This action follows their involvement in assaulting a Black man on the rail platform on Wednesday morning at about 7:30 a.m.

Warren is said to be on suspension without pay whereas Reynoso will receive his salary while on suspension. According to metro police chief Vera Bumpers, a surveillance video shows  a 31-year-old Black man, Darrel Giles, slouched in a seat at the rail platform  and officer Warren beating him.  Gile’s lawyer has disclosed that the metro police officer slumped his client 15 times.

According to Bumpers, Reynoso didn’t get involved in the assault, though he did nothing to prevent it, and for that reason, he was also put on suspension.

Giles, who was initially arrested and charged with trespassing and resisting arrest, was released on Friday night with all the charges dropped.

It is yet unclear what might have warranted Warren’s action but Bumpers doesn’t seem to be interested in the cause. She stated that her administration won’t tolerate cops abusing power.

The Black Lives Matter group of Houston has called for the release of the surveillance video to the public. According to the group organizer, Ashton Woods, this will foster transparency so that people could see what really happened. But police chief, Bumper said that the video is very vital to the ongoing investigation and it won’t be made public until it is over.

In the meantime, the BLM group promised to assemble at the Metro headquarters on Monday to demand the release of the video.

Ossie Giles, Darrel Giles’ mum has disclosed that her son suffered hearing loss from one of his ears hence that may account for his inability to have heard the instructions of the officers, who used that as an excuse for brutally assaulting Darrel.

This isn’t funny at all! Why will the police charge-up at the mere sight of a Black person? And the picture of police abuse of power is always the same: there are officers and a helpless harmless Black person, there is no available video record of the incident but there are a couple of suspensions which will probably end with nothing – Ms. Bumpers didn’t hint at any possible punishment for the two officers . These cases follow one another giving the police the reputation of an all-powerful inquisition. It’s definitely a conspiracy to provoke fear among members of the community and use this fear to continue the violence.

Source: Foxnews
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