Police Abuse Of Power Case Should Be Re-Assessed, Greensboro City Council Says

Greensboro City Council asks for re-assessment of a case where a Greensboro cop used excessive force on a Black man.

The Greensboro city council has summoned state officials, telling them that a review of the excessive use of force case is required. The council believes the law enforcement license has to be revoked and charges against the officer involved should be reconsidered.

Three months ago, a white Greensboro police officer violated the department’s use-of-force policy in an altercation with a Black man. Former officer Travis Cole used excessive force when he confronted Dejuan Yourse just in front of the home of the victim’s mother.

During a special session on Monday, a video footage of the incident was released to the public for the first time.

Cole received a call, where someone wrongly thought and reported Yourse was trying to break and enter into the home. Cole’s body-cam shows him moving towards Yourse in a bid to question him. Yourse proceeded to show his identification to a second police officer at the scene.

The confrontation soon becomes fiery after the victim advises the officers to ask a neighbor if he lives at the residence or not. Cole then orders Yourse to sit down, as he pushes him back on the porch.

“YOURSE: Why are you doing this, man?

 COLE: I said sit down.

 YOURSE: But why are you talking to me like that, bro? The address is on my wallet.

 COLE: Look, Dejuan…

 YOURSE: …I mean, on my ID.” 

The second officer’s body-cam shows Cole wrestling Yourse to the ground and punching him in the face. Yourse continually yells “I’m not resisting.”

Following an internal investigation, Cole was found to have violated several department policies and he has since resigned from the police department. Police Chief Wayne Scott apologized to Yourse in the meeting which took place on Monday.

“This is not indicative of what we as a police department want our citizens to experience. I’m sorry, and it was wrong,” Scott said.

Police abuse of power is something that really has to be looked into by the authorities. Officers use excessive force in cases where it isn’t needed at all, especially on Blacks. They don’t hesitate to brutalize Black people in any given situation. Cole’s actions were completely uncalled for and he has to be punished for that. Stop police brutality!

Source: WUNC
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