Examples Of Racism: Texas Sonic Drive-In Gives ‘Racist’ Receipt

Tyrone Moseley together with his friend suffered from mordern racism at the Texas Sonic Drive-in on Friday.

Tyrone Moseley of Fort Worth, Texas was thrown into a state of shock when he realized that the receipt given to him at a drive-in had the inscription ‘ni-ga’ on it instead of his name, Fox4DC reports. Moseley was in the company of a colleague when they stopped by Texas sonic drive-in to have lunch.

Mosley and his friend were given their receipts after they had finished eating but they were extremely surprised to see what was written on those. His friend had the word ‘Mexican’ written in place of his name. This scene drew Mosley’s attention and made him also check his own receipt to know if it also had racial slur printed on it.

Mosley’s receipt had the inscription, “(n-ga)” written instead of his name. Infuriated by the act, Moseley called one of the workers to enquire how racial slurs happened to be printed on their receipts. He asked, “Is this how y’all put the name of your customers on your receipt?” The worker replied in the negative form, laughed nervously and walked away.

Sonic has since released a statement to that effect. The statement reads, “We understand that a carhop wrote an offensive word on one customer’s receipt and a different offensive word on another customer’s receipt. The franchisees who own and operate this drive-in consider such behavior to be completely unacceptable. They have already investigated the matter and report that the carhop is no longer employed by the drive-in.”

Racism still thrives in our society and there is a need for an open discussion to tackle this issue. Modern racism has taken too many different forms, by it still has the tendency to cause same negative effects it did many years ago. In this case, it  will be very hard to find the one to blame, so the incident will soon be forgotten, but racism thrives with the help of such seemingly innocent jokes which feed the real violent monster who one day will switch from mockery to murder.

Source: The Root

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