Video Footage Shows Cop’s Pre-Planned Shooting Of Black Man

“I’m going to kill this mother*****r, don’t you know it,” officer Jason Stockley said in the video footage.

In December 2011, St. Louis Police Officer Jason Stockley shot and killed a Black motorist, Anthony Lamar Smith. The incident was caught on the officer’s dashcam, but it hadn’t been seen by anyone until now. The video footage was leaked to the public this week after a USB drive was anonymously dropped off to a local FOX affiliate. The video shows Stockley’s premeditated decision to murder Smith.

The recording exposes the officers involved in the Black man’s death after it seems that they allegedly covered up a blatant murder. It begins with Stockley approaching Smith in an attempt to place him under arrest for suspected possession of an illegal substance. Smith resisted and drove away, which made Stockley pull his firearm out and fire in the victim’s direction.

Stockley then sat in his vehicle and ordered his partner, Brian Bianchi to pursue Smith’s car. The officers moved at a high speed in pursuit of the victim, at some point, their vehicle crashed into a tree. Stockley yelled, “Back up” and after that, he said: “I’m going to kill this mother*****r, don’t you know it.”

The officer’s statement clearly shows that he had thoughts about shooting Smith and he proceeded to act on his thoughts when he and Bianchi finally caught up with the Black motorist by crashing into his car. Stockley quickly got out of his vehicle, approached the surrendering Smith and shot him five times, ultimately killing him.

The officer then violated department’s policy by throwing his AK-47 into the cruiser after shooting Smith. Although it hasn’t been confirmed that Stockley planted evidence at the scene of the incident, a lab analysis of the pistol found lying in the victim’s car proved that it had only Stockley’s DNA on it.

After the shooting, Stockley wasn’t charged until May this year, based on new undisclosed evidence, according to Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce’s office. Joyce filed a murder complaint against Stockley in May and got an indictment for the officer in August. The trial is set to begin on October, 3.

There have been several cases whereby cops have covered up obvious acts of murder and got away with them but in this video we see the true nature of some of them. In mere minutes we witness all steps from the preparation of the crime till its implementation but the real criminal is not the man fleeing in the car but the monster in the uniform. How many more disgusting videos do the authorities need to watch in order to start acting?!

Source: The Free Thought Project
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