Police Officer Misconduct May Be Punished

The family of the deceased finds about police officer misconduct and demands punishment for the murderer of their relative.

Just 24-hours after the Sacramento Police Department released the video of the ill-fated and fatal shooting of a 51-year-old mentally ill Black man by a police officer, the victim’s family demanded the officer be punished as the video revealed facts, which are in conflict with the officer’s reports.

On July 11, emergency dispatchers received reports of an armed man carrying a knife and a gun in his waistband. According to police reports, Joseph Mann was hostile and he squared off with officers when they approached him, but the video footage proves otherwise. The victim ran away from the cops and after a short foot chase, he was shot fourteen times. Mann was pronounced dead at the hospital.

However, after Mann was killed, authorities discovered that he had no firearm on him, but a knife was found at the scene of the incident. The officers involved were placed on modified duty, which means they still work in the police; they are just not on patrol.

“They (police) lied to me flat out – they told me my brother was aggressive, he was coming at officers and they had no time to make any other decision but to shoot my brother,” Robert Mann, Joseph’s brother, said.

Family, attorneys, and activists had their say on the video at a press conference held at the corner of Del Paso Boulevard and Arden Way, the place of Mann’s tragic death. The video which was released on Tuesday brought the truth to light after police reports claimed the victim was hostile and uncooperative.

The family’s attorney, Mark Harris has criticized the subcommittee organized by Mayor Johnson to look into city protocol for police shootings. “They need to be terminated immediately – we will not take away their due process though, and if the investigation determines the shooting was in the right then they will get their privileges back and some interest,” Harris, speaking about officers who open fire on civilians, said.

The video footage shows us not just a case of police officer misconduct but  how an innocent Black man was murdered in broad daylight for no reason. That is a problem we have already heard about, and there is another one: nobody trusts the words of any witness trying to protect the Black victim and only such videos reveal the truth. The law protects the cops, but where is the protection for the Black victims?

Source: Fox 40
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