Police in Texas fatally shot naked man they say charged at officers

A Texas police officer fatally shot a naked man on Monday who allegedly acting aggressively toward people in a neighborhood of Austin.

The race of the officer was not disclosed but protesters in San Antonio are questioning if race was at play in the fatal shooting by police in the city to the southwest of Austin last week of an unarmed black man.

According to the Austin police, they received numerous phone calls of the man acting suspiciously and aggressively. Officers confronted the young man when they arrived at the premises but the scene was unjustifiable.

“This subject did not comply with the commands that the officer was giving and instead charged at the officer, therefore struck by the gunshots” Brian Manley, chief of staff for the Austin Police Department, told reporters.

Generally, there are such incidents all around the cities of United States, where police open fire at the young and mentally disordered unlawfully.

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