End Police Brutality At Schools

New calls to end police brutality arise after a 7 year-old-boy was handcuffed for crying at a Kansas school.

Two years back, the then 7-year-old Black school boy, Kalyb Wiley Primm fell victim to police brutality after he had been bullied by a fellow pupil.

The school cop, who happened to be passing by as Primm cried, angrily got into the class and drove the Black boy out. He further forcefully handcuffed the bully victim and dragged him through the hallway.

The cop pushed the 7-year-old  into the office of the principal in handcuffs. The poor kid, who was still in handcuffs, sat in the office for about 15 minutes and waited for his mom to arrive.

As expected of every mother, Tomesha Primm was alarmed upon seeing her son in handcuffs. She said, “I couldn’t believe it because I couldn’t imagine they were allowed to do anything like that, or I would never have put him in there.” Primm’s mom further stated that “As a parent, I want to make sure no other child – in Kansas City or anywhere else in the country – experiences what my son did.”

The American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri has taken the issue up and filed a lawsuit against the racist officer on behalf of Kalyb Wiley Primm. Missouri’s ACLU Legal Director, Tony Rothert said, “This child committed no crime, threatened no one, and posed no danger to anyone. Gratuitously handcuffing children is cowardly and violates the constitution.”

Young Primm has since then not been able to return to school because of the fear of being harassed by the local cop. He no longer feels safe as he cannot even count on the protection of school officers in case he is in danger. His mother has been homeschooling him for two years now.
Conversely, the Kansas City Police Department dared to defend a most shameful case of police brutality on Blacks – harassing a small kid, by claiming in a released statement that the police have the right to assault children in the course of  their duties.

The incident once again clearly shows that police officers still do not understand their roles as school cops. They seem to be using it as another opportunity to harass students as if they were violent criminals. Thus they abuse the very weak and helpless ones they are supposed to be protecting. What kind of threat could a harmless crying boy pose  to be subjected to such cruel punishment? This cop doesn’t deserve to be in the service and should be kept away from children, as the poor Black kid has not only been traumatized, he’s already got the impression that police can out of the blue hurt and humiliate him for no reason.

Though the school officer’s nothing more than a cruel racist, the problem is in the system, which put him at that place and at that time. And the way to end police brutality also starts from changing the system.

Source: The Free Thought Project
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