Miami Police Union To Boycott Upcoming Beyonce Concert

After Beyonce’s recent “Formation Video” and performance at the Super Bowl 50 halftime, the police union in Miami voted to boycott her upcoming concert.

Is this is what happens when children try to expose or go against their parents? No money no food and you are grounded. This is exactly what is happening to Queen Beyonce. The president of the Miami Fraternity Order of Police Javier Ortiz accused the R&B Pop singer of dividing Americans by promoting the Black Panthers and sending the antipolice message during the super bowl performance.

According to report from CNN, a spokesman for the city of Miami Police Department told the Huffington Post that the union spoke only for itself and “there’s no indication that anything that is said there will translate into police offers not working the job”. Without their support, her concert is cancelled.

There are people out there trying very hard to see the downfall of super talented stars but as they try they fail. Of course the recent protest rally against her didn’t go well.

They say her formation video is anti-police but we say it is to raise awareness to police brutality. The message in the video is to stop shooting us! Much damage has been done already to the blacks and now is the time to put an end to it.
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