Vallejo Man Gets $450,000 In Lawsuit Against Abusive Cops

Two cops, officer Jason Potts and Eric Jensen, belonging to a police gang have faced the fury of a federal court charge following an unwarranted physical assault on Jason Deocampo.

A federal appellate court on Thursday made a ruling that Jason Deocampo was to be paid $50,000 in monetary damages. Deocampo is also to be compensated with an amount of $400,000 in legal fees following his assault by Officer Jason Potts and Eric Jensen.

Jason Deocampo happened to witness the two cops beating Jaquezes Berry. Deocampo who was with Jesus Grant told the police officers to stop but the abusive and arrogant cops rather instructed him to leave.

As the two left the scene, they were pursued by the two officers. Pott and Jensen then ambushed Deocampo and jostle him to the ground.  They began to beat him mercilessly. They continuously struck him with the police baton several times.

The Vallejo man had to undergo surgery due to the multiple injuries sustained. The lawyer for Deocampo said that the plaintiff is still not able to walk normally as a result of the assault.

Deocampo and Berry were later apprehended for resisting arrest but were later discharged.

It is reported that the two officers are members of a police gang by name “The Jump Out Boys.” They are popularly known for their abusive nature in mostly minority communities.

The term “jump out boys” is known to be a slang for undercover police but officers in some police departments throughout the country have taken the name upon themselves to describe their department’s gang.

With the recent happenings, labeling the cop as a gang is not far from the truth. The ever increasing police brutalities in our communities have actually made many people view the police more as a group of gangsters than a protective body. So are we right if we should say that the cops are now a legalized gang?

Source: CopBlock

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