Famous Activist Darren Seals Tragically Dies In Riverview

Ferguson activist, Darren Seals was found dead in a burning vehicle on Tuesday morning

Darren Seals, 29, became well known as an activist for his outstanding work following the killing of Michael Brown.

Seals was pronounced dead when crews were alerted to a scene of a car in flames. His body was discovered after the fire was extinguished. Police have classed their investigation in the case as a homicide after they found out that the victim was shot.

Investigations are ongoing and up till this moment, there have been no suspects named by the cops. At a time when the tension between the Black community and law enforcement is high, this untimely death of Seals comes as a shocker to his family and friends, because he was a peaceful person.

Seals rose to fame in recent years after he reportedly arrived at the scene of Brown’s death just after he was shot and killed. He saw Brown’s body lying in the street and he was touched by his unfair death. Seals had some words to say about the case and he also contributed immensely to the ongoing discussion of police brutality and Black Lives Matter.

It remains unknown as to who shot Seals or set his vehicle on fire. But taking into account the kind of work Seals did as an activist against police brutality and how stern he stood for the rights of black people, thinking he was murdered by people who saw that his activism was uncovering the truth about the system wouldn’t be a farfetched thought. However, we`ll never know the truth, due to the opaqueness of how things are done, the offenders surely won`t disclose themselves.

The deceased family, friends and other activists have taken to social media to mourn the loss of their loved one. It’s such an unfortunate death for a vibrant and talented young man. He was an assembly line worker and hip-hop artist back in 2014 when he took the time to urge community members not to vote for the local Democrats.

We express our deepest condolences to his family and friends. His death is a tragedy and all the chances of a bright future have been obliterated. We hope justice prevails and the guilty party is punished. Rest in peace, Darren Seals, your voice will be heard.

Source: thegrio
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