“He Had No Knife”: Mom Rejects Police’s Excuse For Killing Her Son

The police left another Black family without a loving son and father. Why should we accept this?

A 20-year-old Black man met his untimely death at home when a Pennsylvania cop shot him through the window.

The incident happened on Sunday night after the police received a distress call from a child which reported an attack by a young man on his grandmother, Dauphin County District Attorney narrated during a press conference held on Monday. Dozens of police officers were immediately deployed to the scene to prevent any brutality.

The officers deployed several tactics and made their way into the bedroom of the house. That was where they claimed the Black man, Earl Pinckney stood, holding a knife to his mother’s throat. Immediately, an officer fired a shot through the window at Pinckney, killing him.

Nevertheless, the mother of the deceased, Kim Thomas had rubbished the claims by the police. She stated that she didn’t even see the officer who shot her son. Thomas further stated clearly that her son had no knife in his hands and she further necks to prove that they were no marks or scars on her skin, Penn Live reports.

She said, “No, no, he never had a knife.” She also revealed that the officers never entered the room before shooting. They shot through the window, “He didn’t have nothing in his hands. He was holding my head. They never came in,” Pinckney’s mom said. Kim Thomas also explained that her son was bipolar and the officers knew that. Hence, they had no excuse to have committed the crime they did. “He wasn’t dangerous, He didn’t deserve this,” Thomas added.

The shooting incident generated tension in the community as many demanded justice for the Kim Thomas’s son.

But for now, it will be Thomas’s word against that of the police since the Harrisburg Police Department does not use body cameras. As at now, the cop who fired the shot is still not known. This is likely to be another cover-up tactics by the police authorities.

How long are cops going to find excuses to kill Black people? Will the questions be left unanswered and push under the rug as usual? The cop left another innocent Black child fatherless. Yet, they will turn around and blame Black children for not having good parental care. What hypocrisy? Does the life of Black people worth something in this country?

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