Black Teens Racially Profiled By Cops At Whataburger in Texas

Two Black teens, Vanae Wright and Leilani Green were questionably arrested at a Whataburger restaurant in Texas

The girls were eating at a San Antonio Whataburger when they were approached by two sheriff deputies and arrested by them on made up charges.

The incident took place last Friday. The 17-year-old Wright bought food at the eatery with her friends. They were about to eat when cops arrived. The cops had received a call that there was a brawl at the restaurant parking lot, Vanae’s father, Vaughn Wright said.

“When the kids ran in, I guess the police didn’t know who was who, and instead of them finding out, they just automatically attempted to clear the whole restaurant,” Vaughn Wright stated.

A video of the incident, which emerged on Tuesday and has been circulating online, showed Wright sitting in a corner in the restaurant, when deputy Cynthia Hernandez walked up to her and told her to stand up, the teen was doing just that when the deputy threw her food to the floor and placed her in handcuffs. Green brought Wright’s hat and was about to put it on the handcuffed teen’s head when she was also apprehended by the second BCSO deputy.

The sheriff’s department reported that the restaurant’s manager told everyone to leave the place, but Wright didn’t. She was arrested for trespassing and Green was arrested for interfering with the arrest, the department’s spokesman, Keith said. However, Daryl Washington, the lawyer representing the Wright family thinks otherwise. “They were clearly treated that way – it’s obvious – because of their race, there’s no reason to treat two paying customers in that manner. They were not violating any law,” Washington said.

Someone at the scene called Vanae’s parents, telling them about the incident. The Wrights arrived and asked Deputy Hernandez what happened and about the possibility of releasing their kid. Hernandez responded that the teen was disrespectful and maybe they raised their daughter that way.

SATX4, a grassroots organization that’s striving to end systemic racism, protested in the San Antonio area in support of the two girls. The organization also put an online petition in order for Hernandez to be expelled from the department and it has already garnered over 2,800 signatures.

The cops received a report about a fight outside the restaurant; they arrived and arrested the first Black teen they saw in the restaurant. If this isn’t racial profiling then I don’t know what it is. The incompetence in the law enforcement is so palpable. The teens didn’t deserve the treatment they got from the officers.

Source: Huffingtonpost

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