Massachusetts Town Compensates Eurie Stamps’ Family

Eurie Stamps’ family has been settled after he was killed by “accident” five years ago in a SWAT raid.

On January 5, 2011, Eurie Stamps, a grandfather and retired Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority worker, was murdered by Officer Paul Duncan during a SWAT raid on his home. Stamps was innocent and he wasn’t suspected of any crime.

After 5 years of pain for Stamps’ family, a settlement has been reached between the family and the town of Framingham. However, specifics of the compensation haven’t been released to the public yet.

The 68-year-old was killed when a Framingham SWAT team raided his home, in order to arrest his stepson, Joseph Bushfan, who was suspected of selling drugs. The cops caught up with Bushfan outside the home, but they proceeded to break into the home and used flash-bang grenades. Stamps immediately laid down on the floor and surrendered with his hands above his head but Duncan approached him and shot him in the head.

The case was investigated; Duncan told the authorities that he tried to restrain Stamps by kneeling on his back and he accidentally shot him. The shooting was confirmed an accident in a press statement by the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office in March 2011. Duncan didn’t face charges, as he was put back to work the following month after being on paid leave during the investigation. “There is no reason for him not to come back to work. He didn’t commit a crime,” Police Chief Steven Carl said then.

According to court records, the suit was dismissed by the U.S. District Court Judge f. Dennis Saylor on Friday, stating that both parties had come to an agreement on the case. Framingham town and Duncan’s representative, Leonard Kesten announced that the details of the settlement will only be made public after everything is finalized. “The Defendants are pleased that the parties have reached an acceptable resolution of this unfortunate matter,” Kesten wrote in an email.

Another Black man bites the dust and the cop who killed him is free yet again. Duncan killed Stamps in cold blood, but he was let go after he claimed the shooting was an accident. What was he doing with his weapon drawn on an innocent man, who had already surrendered and laid on the ground? Justice seems to be a far cry in cases of police brutality on Blacks. We can only continue to stand in solidarity and hope justice will prevail.

Source: Pinac be the media

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