Black Moms say Cops Watched Their Daughters Drown Without Doing Anything

Police watch three black Florida teenagers drown in a pond after chasing them for an alleged stolen car.

Natasha Winkler who is the mother of Laniya Miller, one of the three teens who drowned in a pond in St. Petersburg, Fl, after a police chase on March 31, said the officers didn’t make efforts to rescue their children, instead they watched them die.

The police officers excuse was that the pond was weed-choked and filled with sludge that’s why they couldn’t help to save them.

A dash cam video released shows police arriving at the pond, where the 15-year-old black teen and her friends Ashaunti Butler, 15 and Dominique Battle, 16, crashed. One officer says: “I hear ’em yelling I think,” but the others are standing without doing anything.

The officers presented the teenagers as criminals that had lost control of their true selves.

Ashaunti Butler’s mother, Ciara Butler, told news report that: “No matter what they did, that doesn’t mean the crime they committed was punishable by death. They could have done more to try and save all of those girls instead of standing around listening to them scream and holler.”

Of course, if they were white kids, those officers would have definitely risked their lives to save them. Black lives matter.

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