Portland Cops Lie About Laws And Rules

Portland Oregon’s east precinct police officers were proven to be liars for giving unlawful orders.

A certain group of camera activists, who call themselves ‘copblockers’, usually do what they can to expose the police for their wrongdoings by taking videos of them and posting them on the internet.

In this case, some weeks ago, a certain Mike Bluehair and his friend Robert West, who are copblockers, were given orders by sergeants of the Portland Police from East Precinct to move away from the front of the precinct.  It turned out to be an unlawful order, as the sidewalk in front of the precinct is public property.

A fellow copblocker heard about the issue and decided to go to the east precinct to see for himself, why police officers would lie in order to make people leave a place they have every right to be in. He was accompanied by three other copblockers , he was followed by one of them to the front of the precinct, and the other two were filming from across the street.

A sergeant, accompanied by two other cops, came out of the precinct and repeated the laws they forged by telling the men that it wasn’t allowed for them to loiter in front of the precinct. The copblockers went on to prove to the sergeants that they were lying about the law.

The precinct had recently arrested a camera activist, Eric Eugene Crowl after his car was illegally searched and they found a rifle and a pistol locked up in his car. Although he had a license for the firearms, he was charged with unlawful possession, unlawful use of a weapon and attempted assault of a public safety officer. His bail was set at $1million dollars.

With the help of these camera activists, we can see the kind of lies and made up laws the police say in order to do whatever they want. It isn’t right for officers to continue to twist and bend the rules whenever they deem fit. They are there to uphold the laws and not lie about them.

Source: CopBlock

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