Missouri Woman Arrested After Lying About Being Robbed At Gun Point

A Jimmy John’s delivery woman, Courtney Chancellor was placed under arrest after she apparently lied about being robbed by a Black man.

Courtney Chancellor fabricated a story and told the police about how she was put at gunpoint by a Black male at the University of Missouri last Thursday. The 23-year-old was arrested after the police found out it was all a lie. She was later released with a citation for filing a false report with authorities.

The sub sandwich chain delivery woman got in touch with campus police at 8:35 p.m. on Thursday to report that she had been robbed at gunpoint. She went ahead to give details about the robbery by describing the person she claimed to be the attacker: a 6 feet tall Black man, in his 20’s, he had a large tattoo on his upper arm and he also had facial hair.

The report prompted the school to immediately send out a warning to its students, telling them about an imaginary Black man who put a gun to a delivery driver’s head and asked for money. “MU police officers are currently investigating the situation,” the warning read. “Safety is the university’s top priority and we are working hard to assure that the campus remains safe while information is obtained and confirmed.”

The Columbia Police Department helped the Missouri University campus police by taking a close look at the surveillance footage of the area. They discovered that the 23-year-old was the only person who emerged in the video, which made it absolutely clear that she fabricated the story and there was no robbery at all.

After the discovery by the police, Chancellor came clean and confirmed that she lied. “There was a substantial amount of resources, both from first responders and those who were assisting, with this false report,” said MU spokesperson Christian Basi. The school authorities later alerted everyone in the school premises that there wasn’t any threat on the campus and there was no robbery after all.

It has been reported that Chancellor isn’t a student of MU and it remains unknown as to why she decided to describe the “fictional robber” as a Black man. It’s sad to see a person lie just to taint the image of Black people. Without any footage, there would have been a search for an imaginary suspect all around the campus. And that could lead to all sorts of trouble for any bearded black male in his 20’s with a tattoo on his upper hand. However, it’s good news that the liar was caught.

Source: Atlanta Black Star

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