Black Voters More Concerned With Economic Opportunity Than Civil Rights

A new study finds out that although the BLM movement is important to African-American voters, it barely influences their voting behaviors.

The Black Lives Matter has become a national movement campaigning against racism and police violence toward Black people. But the movement has little or no impact when addressing the urgent problems that concern every African-American, such as economic inequality.

A recent study by the Pew Research Center reveals that the BLM movement may not influence the decisions made by African-American voters at polls on November 8.

According to the research, the Black Lives Matter movement affects voting behavior among Black people in different ways. The data shows that most of African-American voters are more likely to vote for a candidate, whose agenda is geared toward creating economic opportunities through creating jobs, than for the one, who favors the Black Lives Matter Movement and new civil rights legislations.

While Black women could choose a candidate in favor of BLM movement, African-American men would prefer a candidate supporting economic growth.

The age of voters also determines who they vote for. The study reveals that Black voters below 24 are likely to vote for the supporters of the BLM movement, where those of 25 and above are more concerned about the economic equality.

It’s clear that the question of how to feed the children does not give rest to all black parents, which is why many of them focus their attention on what is really important on the everyday basis. Unfortunately, the number of Blacks, who die from bad food or the lack of medical help is a thousand times greater than that from a police bullet.

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