Overwhelming ‘Black Support System’ Unveiled At New Museum

Black Women Artists for BLM turned up at the New Museum to support the BLM movement and Simone Leigh’s exhibition

On Thursday night, in the New Museum’s lobby, a group of Black women danced from side to side, clapped their hands and sang these words: “End the war on black people,” and “It’s time,” repeatedly. The women, who were all dressed in red, wholeheartedly conveyed their short message through art. It was done so beautifully, spectators joined in and sang with them.

The presentation done by the Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter, served as soothing balm at this present time when the nation is rife with so many cases of racial bias, police brutality, and racial discrimination. The women said they intended to give a guide to other artists that are looking to inspire others or respond to the state of affairs of Blacks in the country.

The event presented by the women at the museum was like an intro to Simone Leigh’s summer residency and exhibition, “Simone Leigh: The Waiting Room.” Her show which is about the exploration of self-care and the broad concepts of medicine ends on September 18. Her artistic mission is to explore black subjectivity, with Black women as her focus.

 “It’s always been taboo to announce my audience is black women,” she said. “People were slow to recognize the work because of my insistence on the black subject being a core of the work. I’m really happy that I have been able to have a career and stand my ground.”

Ms. Leigh lauded the performance of the Black Women Artists, but she stated that the Thursday program and the women were not related to “The waiting room.” However, she labeled them “an appropriate next step” in starting up dialogues about social justice. She said that everyone has to do their part in the fight for social justice. “It’s an emergency now,” she added.

This is a great event which is essential at present for the black community. We have to support our people and one of the best ways is to demonstrate our discontent with police brutality and racism through art. We need to establish equality in the society and we can do that with the help of art as well, after all, art is educative.

Source: NYTimes

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