4,000 Crimes Goes Unpunished: Lynching In America

“We want to talk about the fact that these lynchings took place in the public square with thousands of people cheering them on,” Bryan Stevenson Tells CBS.

America seems to have forgotten the many atrocities that were committed against the Black race. This explains the eagerness many display in their bid to criticize the African-Americans fighting for equality now in the 21st century.

Currently, amidst serious debates about racism and its negative impact on the society, there is one aspect of it that is not openly discussed, because of its sinister nature. No one speaks about one of the greatest cases of institutionalized homicides; lynching of Black people.

Many lynching cases went unsolved. No one was prosecuted for that because the government at the time seemed to indirectly permit it. It was in that era of institutionalized racism that the foundation of America was laid. It has been an almost impossible battle to rid the system of it ever since.

The American justice system seems to protect the whites more than their Black counterparts. African-Americans are convicted and sent to jail for offenses that white Americans aren’t imprisoned for. A large number of prison inmates are Black people, but a surprisingly large number of them are in prison for minor offenses.

The high number of Black arrests and jailing is then quoted to justify the notion that somehow African-Americans are more prone to committing crimes.

An estimated 4,000 lynching victims were abandoned by the justice system because at the time they were considered less than human, and not much has changed. The system that threw these people away is still the same system we have today, sure on the surface it doesn’t look like it, but beneath the surface, it is still the same racist system.

Source: Theroot

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