Police Officer To Face Charges From NYPD

Richard Haste, an officer who fatally shot a black teenager Ramarley Graham, is to face disciplinary charges from the New York Police Department.

The teenager was racially profiled by some police officers who taught he had a gun. They followed him to his grandma’s apartment and Officer Haste pulled the trigger on him.

Haste was to face criminal charges, but the case was dropped and he was never indicted.

Few days ago, the Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio stated in a press conference that Haste wouldn’t face criminal charges; he will face departmental charges in an “expeditious” way.

Though Officer Haste is still on duty, he remains disarmed.

Well, after over four years without facing charges, officials finally pay some attention to Haste’s reckless actions. What about the other officers who were also involved? Should they also be reproved?

These people are not fit to be given administrative positions. We don’t feel safe in the hands of police officers anymore. Today police brutally kills a black man; tomorrow a Cop rapes a teenager. The world can be a better place but not with these people.

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