Dylann Roof Proclaimed Being White Supremacist Through Manifestos

Two handwritten white supremacist manifestos were found in Dylann Roof’s car and jail cell.

Investigators discovered manifestos embracing white supremacy that belonged to Dylann Roof, who is accused of murdering nine Black church members in South Carolina last year. Investigators also unearthed an inventory of church buildings and handwritten letters owned by the accused killer, who faces trial on 33 federal crimes together with hate crimes, firearms expenses and obstruction of spiritual follow.

Roof proposed to plead guilty if prosecutors comply to drop the death penalty, his defense attorney stated. But prosecutors, up till now, have refused to make a plea deal over the June 15 massacre at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

The shooting came as a shock to the country and intensified the race relations debate in the U.S., after there were several high profile shootings of Black unarmed individuals.

The FBI said that Roof posted an on-line racist manifesto some weeks before he went into the church to kill nine bible study members. The writings would be used as the first physical documents to be used against the alleged killer.

Prosecutors revealed that Roof became radicalized after a decision he took on his own and not by the influence of white supremacist groups.

White supremacists believe they are better than every other non-white person. Better means in every aspect, but that doesn’t seem to be the case because all they do is cause violence everywhere they go. We really hope Dylann Roof would be given his due punishment.

Source: RawStory

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