John Kasich Says Blacks are Responsible For Infant Mortality

A Republican presidential candidate, John Kasich, on Wednesday night during his speech on MSNBC town hall, blamed black people for black infant mortality.

The Ohio Governor Kasich was asked by host Chuck Todd why despite his efforts within the black community, Ohio was the sixth worst state to raise a black child.

He couldn’t elaborate on that and all he said was he didn’t believe the statistics. Immediately after that, he opened a new discussion on infant mortality. Governor Kasich claimed that his infant mortality program works well on white people but not for blacks because they bad at “partnership”.

We’re making gains in the majority community and the minority community” is responsible for their infant mortality,” he said.

The problem of infant mortality in black communities doesn`t differ from that of Flint’s water crisis. Government officials don’t really care because the problem is affecting mostly black people. So instead of solving those problems, they try to blame them on the black people.

Gov. Kasich just expressed the view of most political leaders in America. What do you think about racist republican presidential candidates like him?

Share your views and let people know their true self before they vote them in any position.

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