LAPD Officer Accused Of Kicking Handcuffed Black Man In Head

A Los Angeles police officer is accused of brutally kicking and beating Clinton Alford who was already being restrained by other officers.

The incident which happened back in 2014 was recorded by a private company’s security camera. Some officers who saw the video said that the officer was overly aggressive. One said the officer kicked the suspect’s head so hard like a football player scoring a field goal. Another described it as a horrific thing to see. They also said the suspect was already restrained and wasn’t resisting arrest.

The suspect, Clinton Alford, 22, was riding his bicycle on the sidewalk when a car stopped behind him. He heard a voice tell him to stop, but he continued riding his bicycle as the man didn’t identify himself as a cop. Someone grabbed his back and Alford jumped off and ran. After a short pursuit, the cops caught up with Alford and he surrendered immediately and put his hands behind his back. A patrol car arrived shortly; Richard Garcia, 35, stepped out of the car, approached the suspect and started kicking him in the head. Garcia proceeded to knee the man in the back and elbowed him in the head. The suspect was later dragged into the cops’ car and placed under arrest.

The four officers involved in the incident have been relieved of duty with pay. The officers’ attorney, Gary Fullerton said the officers were responding to a 911 call to help find a robbery suspect when they saw Alford and tried to apprehend him. As it turned out, he wasn’t their man.

Earlier this year, after series of investigations, Richard Garcia was charged with felony assault, but prosecutors agreed to a deal that allowed him to plead no contest and avoid jail time if he donates $500 to charity by May 2017, stays away from Alford and completes community service.

First and foremost, the cops didn’t bother to identify their suspect and no questions were asked before placing him under arrest. He was just used for kicking practise. What a way to punish a white cop who brutally beat a Black man for no reason. It’s quite depressing to see the kind of treatment we receive from law enforcement officers in the country.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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