Texas Detective Suspended After Inappropriate Comments About Black Teen’s Death

Jason Chiappardi was suspended from the Austin Police Department for making insensitive statements on Facebook about the death of an unarmed Black teen, David Joseph.

Aug. 22,2016


Austin police officer, Jason Chiappardi, was suspended for three days without pay after he posted comments on his alias Facebook page on March 21 about the killing of a naked unarmed teen David Joseph. The Facebook post read: “My family and friends are glad that the high school dropout drug using, neighborhood terrorizing, naked guy will never scare anybody else again.”

Chiappardi made the post shortly after police chief Art Acevedo indefinitely suspended his cop buddy, Geoffrey Freeman, the officer who shot and killed the teen. “It’s too f****ng bad that the boss has no support for his officers. I hope he leaves soon,” he added in his second post in reference to Chief Art Acevedo.

Assistant Police Chief Brian Manley stated that Chiappardi’s comments about Acevedo were made as a sign of frustration because he was friends with the indefinitely suspended cop, although Manley didn’t fail to point out that the comments do not reflect the values of the police department.

Austin Police Association President Ken Casaday responded to the officer’s suspension by condemning the policy saying the disciplinary punishment given by the chief was too severe because Chiappardi wasn’t on duty or in a uniform when he posted the comments. “By not using his name, by not being in uniform, he did not feel like he violated policy,” Casaday said.

The victim’s mother read the comments and said she was hurt by what Chiappardi wrote about her son. “To hear such things said about my son is deeply hurtful. Even after they shot my son, I thought better of the Austin Police Department,” she said.

The cop was suspended for just three days after making such snide and inhumane comments. It’s disgusting to see a police man celebrate the death of an unarmed teen on social media. Chiappardi didn’t even think of how the boy’s mother would feel concerning such comments after a cop from his department killed her son. Are these the kind of people we are supposed to believe in to protect and serve us?

Source: Pinac by the media

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Texas Detective Suspended After Inappropriate Comments About Black Teen’s Death

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