Refugee Shot By Utah Police Came With Family For New Life

Protesters took to the streets in Salt Lake City during rally and march for a 17-year-old boy who was shot by the city police and is now in critical condition.

Abdi Mohammed, 17, settled in Salt Lake City with the family who fled from Somalia in search of greener pastures, but it looks like his dream is almost cut short by the Utah police who shot him and put him in a dented condition now.

“You’re pretty much fighting for survival,” Weledi said. “We actually came to America to have better life.”

Abdi’s cousin Muslima Weledi said she recalled the family’s hopeful journey from a hardship zone in Kenya to Utah, where this young boy is been hospitalized because of the insanity of the police. According to the police, Abdi was shot because he refused to obey command but it’s just a fictitious story cooked by the police. Before Abdi could say ‘jack,’ bullet was already in him.

According to Abdi’s cousin Weledi, the family joined a relatively large refugee population in Salt Lake City when they arrived in Salt Lake City in 2004, where a healthy economy and Mormon Church outreach programs can make it easier for people fleeing war-torn countries to find jobs and transition into life in the U.S.

On Thursday, Sim Gill, Salt Lake District Attorney said in a statement that releasing the video too early could complicate or compromise his investigation into whether the shooting was justified.

“This investigation — like all officer-involved shooting investigations — is too important to run that risk,” Gill said. His investigation could take weeks or months.

This is the reason why Salt Lake City protesters are on the streets – they demand the footage of the shooting.

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