Chemical Testing in St. Louis: It’s Time for Explanations

There have been reports that during the cold war, a white powdery substance was blown from rooftops and dropped on the poor residents of St. Louis from low flying-planes.

Answers are being demanded a very eerie event that occurred during the cold war. A white powdery chemical was blown from rooftops and dropped from low-flying planes on the poor and black residents of St. Louis during the cold war.

However, has been confirmed that the incident really did occur and that it was an experiment done by the US army. However, the nature and purpose of the experiment are still being kept confidential. A number of sitting and former senators have been filing petitions to find out the truth behind the incident.

It is reported that the chemical used may have contained some radioactive substance that may be responsible for the high cancer rate among the residents of St. Louis. Allegedly, there has been an epidemic in the area since the incident occurred, with high numbers of premature deaths.

There have been demands for the truth behind the experiment. Why was St. Louis selected as the place to carry out the experiment? Why were residents of the area used as guinea pigs without their consent? Americans want to know! A lot of people suspect that it was because the residents of St.
Louis were mostly poor Black people, thus the army considered them expendable.

We demand that the incident be thoroughly investigated and the reports of the investigation are to be released to the public. We expect the army and the federal government to make amends and correct their mistakes and punish those who need to be punished.

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