From A ‘Rap God’ To A Designer, Not Bad At All, Kanye

Mister Nye-Ye-Kanye will probably be one of the few ‘rapper gone designers’ who went from broke to super rich for his bold reach outs.

Starting with a throwback on February’s Grammy’s, entitled ‘We Loosing Nye,’ I’ll take you through the transformation prowess of Mr. Yeezy.

Even when he seems to be losing it all, Kanye West always surprises us with something mind blowing. Especially after his no “give me the mike, Tay” show at the Grammy’s, well of course, he boycotted it, I considered him finished until the ‘rap god’ publicly reached out to Academy President, and now recently La Clippers owner, asking to redesign the Clippers mascot.

Mister West didn’t really lose everything when he threatened to boycott the Grammy Awards unless he wins Album of the Year, an award category in which he wasn’t even nominated.

He really had other big plans in his “pipeline,” starting from his first tweets on Feb 13, when he took to his fans for some funds.

He said: “I write to you my brothers while still $53 million in personal debt… Please pray we overcome…”

And just like magic, Kanye developed an idea as to how to clear his debt…

He went ahead to tweet, “Mark Zuckerberg invest $1 billion into Kanye West ideas.”

It didn’t stop there, Mister West called out to Neil Portnow, Academy President, requesting to sit and chit-chat things through about making the Grammy’s “culturally relevant again.”

But all that wasn’t enough, Mister West on Sunday made a third vital reach out to Los Angeles Clippers owner. Steve Baller has since accepted to sit with Kanye, tweeting, “Love Chuch but love your creativity. Let’s talk. Lunch?” then followed this tweet with another, saying,“Better than lunch, let’s grab a Clips game together and talk.”

Enthusiastic Mister West re-tweeted back, %1000 Steve Ballmer: “Let’s meet this week if you have time.”

Kanyezzy is doing great guys, he seems to be on-track to riches. We look forward to seeing a new ‘YeScot’ from Kanye for the Clippers.

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