Serious Problems Discovered At County Where Sandra Bland Died

A report recently revealed that the jail in which Sandra Bland had been kept was seriously suffering from consistent violations of inmates’ rights.

In July last year, Sandra Bland a 28-year-old black woman was pulled over by a cop for traffic violation; officer brutally arrested her and brought to the jail. Three days later after her arrest she was found dead by handing in the county according to the authorities.

Her death was considered as a suicide and therefore no one was charged for it.

According to the detailed report Bland killed herself by hanging on a plastic garbage bag attached to the cell partition. Obviously the bad conditions of the Waller county jail led to the death of this young woman.

A committee of five people has been set up to help resolve the poor conditions and bring the improvements to this county. The team has decided to construct a new jail and in order to do it they suggested to purchase body cameras and to appoint medical practitioners who will be supposed to look after the inmates suffering from any mental breakdowns that could lead to suicide or even homicide.

They also intend to introduce anger management exercises and therapies for cops.

Like the saying goes, “It’s always easier said than done” and some skeptics think these recommendations may never be fulfilled.

Authorities are known for their empty promises and therefore black activists should get involved to make sure all these reforms in jails and prisons will actually take place.

There have been many cases of brutal attacks by officers on inmates especially those with mental issues. United States jails are currently among the most common places where human rights are being violated.

Prisoners, many of whom were imprisoned for non-violent crimes, need to be respected and treated with dignity just like any other person, they was sent to the jail to get corrected, not to get killed.

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