VIDEO: Washington D.C. Officer Assaults Black Woman

A video footage which has gone viral on social media shows a white police officer pressing a young Black woman up against a police cruiser.

The police department of Washington D.C. is currently investigating an incidence involving one of their officers. According to the shocking footage posted by a twitter user, @MacandCheeks on Monday, an unidentified male police officer is seen pressing a Black woman up against a parked police SUV.

It was unclear what the conversation was about but the officer seemed to be interrogating the Black woman while she was being pressed up against the car, with her feet dangling in the air. At that same time, the woman could be heard telling the officer and his female counterpart that she works nearby.

According to the eyewitness, the police gripped a hold of the woman without any initial interactions. The incident happened at an intersection near the Howard University were the police had parked their cruiser.

Moreover, the Black woman wasn’t searched or arrested by the two officers after the unfortunate confrontation.

Officer Sean Hickman, spokesman for the Washington D.C. police department disclosed that the officers in the footage have been identified as members of the 4th District, the Daily News reports. But the spokesman refused to make their identities known.

The D.C. Police Department further posted on twitter saying; “We’ve been aware of this video and contacted their commanding officer as we investigate this matter.”

The reason most officers seems to be repeating the same irresponsible act over and over again is the fact that, there isn’t any punishment for such misconducts. This is the reason they confidently abuse Black people because they know they can easily get away with it.

This act is totally unacceptable and must be completely eliminated from our society. Is just for the fact that she is Black; she deserves to be molested by the police without any provocation? And what even mandated the excessive force applied by the officer on this harmless Black woman? It is quite obvious that the series of police brutalities isn’t a coincidence. It is racism being displayed in the police service. We must speak-up against these unwarranted brutalities.

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