Protesters In Texas Confront Mayor After Joe Cruz’s Murder

The sheer number of people protesting over Joe Cruz’s death forced the mayor Phelps to adjourn and escape.

Approximately 200 outraged protesters lashed at Mayor Bob Phelps after he refused to apologize for the death of 16-year-old Jose Cruz who was shot dead by off-duty police officer Ken Johnson.

Back in March, Johnson witnessed two teenagers stealing from cars in a parking lot. Cruz and his friend led the officer on a car chase which resulted in the fatal shooting of Cruz.

The demonstrators, who believed that deadly force was unnecessary, gathered outside Farmers Branch City Hall requesting a meeting with the mayor. The crowd demanded Phelps’ and city officials’ to bring apologies to Cruz’s family for murdering their boy.

Shortly afterwards, the meeting escalated into a heated verbal confrontation occurring between Phelps and the protest leader Carlos Quintanilla. Tensions then sparked up in the parking lot, after the mayor, escorted by Farmers Branch police officers, attempted to escape.

The desperate protesters began chasing down Phelps until he was driven off from the scene in a department SUV.

When asked whether the actions taken by the demonstrators were appropriate, Quantilla said,

“We think that whatever is necessary to get the attention of the mayor and the City of Farmers Branch we have to do it — outside of violence.”

Phelps’ cowardice speaks for itself. It proved that he doesn’t have a good excuse for the wrongful actions of Johnson, and so don’t city officials. If the authorities recognize the officers’ mistake, they will have to admit that the system is totally broken.

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