Black Man Stays Indoors After Years Of Constant Police Carding

“Either they’re going to get me in trouble, or they’re going to kill me … I’m just trying to avoid them. I can’t take it anymore,” Dale James said.

Police have repeatedly stopped Dale James for about 16 years now. The victim, Dale resolved to stay in his cramped apartment on Wilson Avenue, near Bathurst Street in Toronto, Ontario, in order to stay away from regular police stops.

In a much more audible voice, he lamented the conduct of cops and said, “Either they’re going to get me in trouble or they’re going to kill me… I’m just trying to avoid them. I can’t take it anymore.”

Shocking to know, Dale has had 43 encounters with Toronto police from April 2006 to November 2015. They were gleaned from multiple freedom-of-information requests he made. He believes there are many more and says he is appealing to Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner.

In a statement of claim filed in 2015, Dale and his brother seek $2.2 million in damages, alleging an assault on James, racial profiling, arbitrary detention and search of James outside their apartment. They further allege police are “terrorizing” the entire family and have caused mental distress.

The life of the Black man was destroyed because of racial stops by police. The whole family is feeling stressed because of this.

This news clearly shows that the problem of racial discrimination and excessive force against Blacks exists in all the countries where people of color live side by side with white citizens. Sometimes, it feels like police try to weaken the Black community so people feel devastated and worthless. That’s why the Black Lives Matter movement successfully acts not only in the U.S. but also abroad. For example, the Canadian branch of BLM is a very strong organization that helps all Black brothers and sisters unite against systematic racism and profiling.

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