Teen’s Poem “White Boy Privilege” Goes Viral

14-year-old Royce Mann stirs up a discussion about White privileges against that of Black people during a poetry competition held at the Paideia School in Atlanta.

The eight-grader made this presentation in a self-crafted poem entitled “White-Boy Privilege” at a slam poetry competition.

It is refreshing in today’s world to see that there are still a few good people left who are willing to go against society’s wishes and fight for the oppressed. Those people deserve all the accolades the world can bestow on them; this especially applies to 14-year-old Royce Mann, an eight-grader at Paideia School in Atlanta.

In the today’s America where most white people get defensive when the topic of white privilege is brought up, it was especially brave of this valiant young boy to not only discuss it but thrash it out it in a very touching and honest way.

The majority of white people live in a state of denial, vehemently refusing that they are privileged. But research shows that white Americans are less likely to be arrested and jailed. While people of color only make up 30% of the total population, yet they form about 60% of the U.S. prison population. This discrepancy is particularly obvious when it comes to nonviolent drug offenses, where people of color are jailed at much higher rate, even though drug use in the white community is higher than in the African-American community

According to a 2013 report by Georgetown University’s Centre on Education and the Workforce, elite educational institutions are a “passive agent” in perpetuating white privilege. The report found that white students are still overrepresented in the nation’s 468 elite institutions. Even though many white and minority students are unprepared for college in equal rates, a lot more white students are admitted to universities.

There is a case to be made for white privilege, but as long as the white community continues to shy away from discussing this issue, equality will remain just a dream. The Black community doesn’t need to prove it, numerous researches conducted already have. That is especially why Royce Mann’s poem should be praised because it comes at a crucial time when Blacks demand a radical transformation and an end to racial bias.

Black people need recognition of their rights. After that, America will heal its wounds caused by racism and discrimination.

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