BlackMattersUS Page Unblocked By Facebook

Good news: our Facebook page is unbanned, published and seen to the public. We can spread unbiased Black news again.

We are able to share fair information about the actual state of things with you again. However, we have to start from scratch because editors deleted all the news and posts that have been published over the past year.

The incident happened on Thursday when our Facebook page was unpublished and more than 200,000 subscribers were left without the reliable source of information and the platform to share opinions.

Now the page is back and we are ready to tell the truth and provide the Black community with the information that helps to enforce positive changes. Neither the ban nor the deleting of hundreds of our posts can stop us!

We have already shared all the important news that you might have missed over the weekend. Enjoy and stay informed.

Follow our Facebook page. It is worth it. Share our posts and news to support unbiased sources of information.

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