65 Arrested During Baltimore Protest

Fifty-five adults and 10 juveniles were arrested on Saturday during a peaceful protest against police brutality.

Sixty-five peaceful protesters were arrested in Baltimore last Saturday during a nonviolent march against police brutality. The march which was famously termed as “Afromation” on social media began at Guilford Avenue and Chase Street. It later proceeded through the Charles and St. Paul Streets to Penn Station and then finally to the I-83 onramp, which was by then closed for the annual Baltimore Artscape festival.

Per the David Blair’s account, one of the march organizers, the group absolutely complied with the officers and hence the arrest was highly unnecessary.  He said that the protesters were on the shoulders of the expressway when they witnessed two police vans drove through and parked on the shoulders too. He further narrated that more police officers came out the van and instructed the protesters to leave that spot.

Without any provocation at all, 65 protesters were arrested and led into Penn Station or the parked police vans. Some protesters were forced onto their knees by the police although none resisted arrest.  The 22-year-old Blair, a student at Baltimore University and co-leader of New Lens Productions said the peaceful march was to raise awareness for the numerous issues faced by African-American communities including the ill treatment by law enforcement.

The police reaction towards these peaceful protesters seems to compliment the notion that law enforcement officers use their authority to oppress the African-Americas. By acting in this unfortunate manner, they rather force people to defend their rights more actively, because they do not even try to listen to them .but do they actually believe that the mass arrests will boost people’s trust in them?

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