Finally, Some Aid To Alleviate Flint Water Crisis

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan could end soon after it was announced $100,000,000 would be allocated to the city from the senate water projects bill.

The Flint water crisis is a drinking water contamination problem that has left the residents of Flint, Michigan without quality drinking water since 2014. The problem started after the city’s water source was changed from the Detroit River to the Flint River and officials who took charge of the project failed to apply corrosion inhibitors. The officials’ incompetence led to the contamination of the city’s water, after lead from aging pipes leached into the water supply.

It’s been nearly a year since a public health emergency was declared in Flint due to the lead-contaminated water. However, the worries could soon end following the inclusion of $100 million aid to the city in the $10 billion water-projects bill.

Democratic senators, Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters put in great efforts for several months in order to get the bill passed. They pushed harder in their efforts after it was reported that the levels of lead contamination of the city’s water were at soaring levels and many children were tested with high lead levels in their bloodstream.

“Today’s passage is an important reminder to the nation that the crisis in Flint is far from over,” Stabenow said. “Families still cannot drink the unfiltered water that comes out of their faucets. Now our colleagues in the House need to act as quickly as possible. It’s also essential that the state of Michigan fully meet its responsibilities to solve the water crisis.”

Residents of Flint have relied on bottled and filtered water for a while now, following reports of the elevated blood-lead levels in children from about 2.5% in 2013 to as much as 5% last year. However, the bill still needs to pass the House, before the President could sign off on it.

It is great news that Flint residents could finally start receiving good water supply, but a lot of damage has already been done. A solution to this problem should have been brought up much earlier than now. A lot of children have been exposed to drinking water with high levels of lead which could lead to serious health problems. The reaction to this problem has been quite lethargic, to say the least.

Source: theroot
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