Paul O’Neal and Laquan McDonald: Two Years and No Changes

Will there be any punishment for cops who think that Black teens are mother***s and need to be shot?

The cop explained why he killed a Black guy: just mistook the teen’s gunfire for his fellow cop’s
As we thought that the recent protests may reduce shootings of Black people and bring us some peace, we were really mistaken. Recently killed Paul O’Neal seemed to be the other example of police brutality victims that are going to be forgotten and no one is going to be guilty in his death.

Although, this time, it took one week to release the video in comparison with the case of Laquan McDonald, whose video we were waiting for a year. Nevertheless, we couldn’t see the actual moment when O’Neal was shot because the dash cams were off. Why? Police are not able to explain and leave no comments. They, however, left comments about the reason why the teen was shot. It is just one of the officers mistook fellow’s cop gunfire as if it was Paul’s. But it means they admit the fact that there has been crossfire at the scene, while the teen did not have any weapon at all. In the video released we can hear one of the cops saying: “He shot at us too, right?” and “I think I shot that mother***”.

This event, of course, sparked a lot of protests and marches demanding justice and peace. But the same already happened after Laquan’s death. Black people asked for Mayor Rahm Emanuel to resign and fair investigation of the case. Was that really what we got? Hardly, because the Mayor is still at the same place as he was. Of course, he suggested the solution to the problem of police brutality and created the Chicago Police Accountability Task Force. This is a very good idea indeed, but it does not seem to work till now.

Basically, nothing really has changed for this two years and it looks like the government is not facing the needs of our community because the murderer of Laquan is still at large and his trial is postponing to some unknown date. The head of the city is not replaced and he continues to let murders of Black people happen as far as we can see it.

People are just tired of police cover-ups stories and how many protests should pass till the situation changes? We are waiting too long for our voices to be heard. The suspension of police officers in such situations is not enough, we need bigger changes.

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