Black Teen Wins More World Championship Medals Than Any American Woman

"Maybe the most talented gymnast I’ve ever seen in my life," former gold medalist, Mary Lou Retton said

A Black-American teenage girl, Simone Biles is making history in the world of gymnastics. She is 3 times reigning world champion and has 14 gold medals at the international level to her credit. Also, she is a proud winner of 10 gold medals since 2013. Biles’ success in the Olympic Games at Rio de Janeiro will make her the fought straight American to will the Olympic all-around gold.

The Black Texas teen that is making the news in gymnastics has already been acclaimed the best gymnast prior to her winning the Olympic medal. Simone Biles found her passion for the sport at a tender age of 6 and has since then loved it. She was at the gymnastics center on a daycare field trip and fell in love with the moves she saw the gymnasts made. As she watched with keen interest, she imitated what they did and that was how the coach found America top gymnast.

Biles later started attending gymnastic classes and practiced the sport diligently.

About ten years later, Biles had already taken the center stage on the international scene. At the age of 17, she had started winning medals in international competitions.

Since then, the young talented Black teen has been on a winning spree. She is a 4 time U.S. champion and a 3-time World champion. She made history by winning 14 world championship medals which are more than any American female has ever won.

“Maybe the most talented gymnast I’ve ever seen in my life,” former gold medalist, Mary Lou Retton said in an attempt to describe Biles’ distinction in the sport.

We are always proud of Black people especially those who become successful in their various fields. The greatest pleasure is to be the best you can ever be. Inspirational stories as this need to be heard. We wish Bile the very best in her career as she continues to make Black people proud.

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