Surveillance Video Show Police Openly Mocking Black Burglary Victim

Clarence Williams was robbed on August 8, in the afternoon. His private surveillance clearly shows the burglar but also caught the officers acting inappropriately.

Two Washington, DC, cops are captured on video disrespecting a burglary victim.

One of the officers seems to break into dance twice and one of the officers pointed to protein powder on the counter and laughingly stated, “He is probably gay.”

Williams was asked why the police would assume he was gay and he said, “I guess because I am a black male, I have a nice house, I’m single, and all the expensive things that were stolen from my home, I guess I would just have to be gay right?”

The cops came to the house because of a burglar alarm but all they did when they arrived was check the front door. Williams was out of the country when his neighbor let him know that the police were at his home.

“They made a comment to my neighbor, saying: ‘Well what do you expect. You live in Southeast,’” Williams said. “As if I am not as important as the people in northwest.

“I pay my taxes just like everyone else. Do I not deserve the same protection? I guess a fourth of the city is not worthy of being protected because robberies and burglaries are a way of life in Southeast.”

He was horrified when he watched the footage. He said they “were acting as if this was a joke. This is serious, this is my life.”

“After viewing the video I called 911 and requested that an official come out that night,” Williams said. “A sergeant came to my home and I played the video for her.

“She basically tried to downplay the entire thing by saying she knew the officer, and she meant no harm.

“She also said they see murders, killings shootings, rapes, etc. and that she was just trying to keep a good attitude in a bad situation, but that didn’t sit well with me,” he stated.

Williams emailed his district council member to report what happened and he said, ‘Within 15 minutes I had a call from the commander and he asked me to let him try to handle it internally before I went to the media. So that’s what I did,” he said.

The next day, the female police officer who was caught in the video came over to apologize to Williams.

“I can tell she is truly sorry and just made a mistake. She came on her own volition no one told her to which I thought was admirable,” he said.

Williams was told that an internal investigation was underway and he noticed over the next couple of weeks that there was an increased police presence in the neighborhood. He saw a cruiser outside his home and decided to go and thank the officers for their work in the community.

“I go to say thank you to whomever is in the car, and it’s the same officers I was told were on desk duty,” Williams said.

“At that point, I felt like the police were just lying to keep me quiet, so I decided to go public,” he said.

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