Black Firefighter’s Home Burns-Up After Receiving Racist Note

“It’s sad that someone is so offended by my presence that they feel the need to burn my house down, if that’s what occurred,” Kenneth Walker sorrowfully told reporters.

The only Black firefighter in North Tonawanda, New York watched as his entire house was brought down by fire on Wednesday, August 3d. Kenneth Walker before the tragic incident had received a racist note from an unknown person telling him he doesn’t deserve his position as a firefighter.

Walker found the letter in his mailbox on Monday which read: “N—— are not allowed to be firefighters. No one wants you in this city. You have until the end of the week to resign your position or you will regret it N—–.”

Fortunately for the Black firefighter, his wife and children were not home at the time of the fire. But he lost his entire belongings including two cats.

Walker spoke to reporters at the scene saying; “It’s sad that someone is so offended by the presence that they feel the need to burn my house down if that’s what occurred.” His wife also added her voice by saying that she was “overwhelmed” and in “disbelief.”

Investigations have since begun by the FBI to ascertain the source of the letter. An accommodation will be provided for the Walkers in Buffalo by the Red Cross. Moreover, residents of the North Tonawanda community rallied their support behind the Walker family by providing them with food and clothing on Sunday.

Walker was described by his boss as a calm and lovely person. His boss, Robert Brenna further said that he was particularly disturbed when he got to hear of the letter.

In an interview with WGRZ, Walker stated that he wasn’t intimidated by the happenings but he will remain cautious.

It is yet appalling how people think the Black man deserves nothing better and unfortunately, Walker wasn’t the first to receive such a message in the recent days. The similar happened to Maria Frias-Russell whose car and shed were vandalized by some neighbors. These ignorant racists only expose their inferiority by committing acts like this. This needs thorough investigation and the culprit must be made to face the required sanction.

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