Cops Kill Unarmed Black Man And Want Back Into The Service

The Los Angeles County Superior Court is currently handling a case involving two Los Angeles cops who have filed a lawsuit against the city for racial discrimination.

On 11th August 2014, Officers Sharlton Wampler and Antonio Villegas shot and killed an unarmed Black man, Ezell Ford. The 25-year-old Ezell Ford is known to be suffering from a mental ailment. Ford was said to be involved in a confrontation with the two officers, during which they shot and killed him.

The death of Ford came exactly two days after police had shot and killed a Black teenager in Ferguson. This sparked series of protests across the country, as citizens demonstrated against police brutalities in the country.

Though the officers have not yet faced any charges, they were made to proceed on administrative leave for killing an unarmed Black man, the Times reports. The two aggrieved officers have since accused authorities of the Los Angeles police service of racial discrimination.

Officer Wampler listed on record as an Asian American and Villegas as a Latino have said that their continuous stay of duty is motivated by their racial association. The two cops filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the city for denying their request to be called back into the police service.

The two cops also stated in the lawsuit that, they have been denied promotions and transfers because of their race, the Times reports. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the L.A. city attorney’s office said in his interview with the Times newspaper that the lawsuit is being reviewed.

It is rather unimaginable how these cops had the courage to cry foul. Up until now, they walk as free men with no charges leveled against them after they have murdered an innocent Black guy. They seem not to be satisfied living in the comfort of their homes instead of being in jail and now want their jobs back. Moreover, they are trying to seek sympathy by saying they are racially discriminated against. It is awful how the justice system works in America. The state has given cops the authority to kill and walk away free. Is this justice?

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